Who We Are

At Matrix Wealth Management, we focus on guiding you in discovering your financial truth think independently vs. being told what to think.  

Our Philosophy

In Case You Couldn’t Tell, We Approach Things Differently Around Here

Over the last decade, our founder, Tony Brayboy, has taken a step back from traditional retirement planning to truly evaluate the way things are done – and have been done for over 100 years. The problem was, clients were coming to him with the age-old advice of their trusted broker: 

“If we hang in the stock market long enough, it’ll bounce back.” 

But when retirement is on the horizon, the time for market recovery is gone. Not to mention, the emotional turmoil a market loss can have on anyone nearing retirement. It is hard not to wonder… Should your readiness for retirement rely on the state of the stock market? We don’t think so. 

That’s why we sought to Expose the Financial Matrix and come up with a retirement income strategy that shatters conventional, Wall Street wisdom and results in financial peace of mind for our clients, once and for all. 

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What is the Financial Matrix?

The idea of the Financial Matrix is a core concept of our philosophy. which illustrates the illusion that Wall Street has created of an easy path to wealth through the stock market (AKA conventional, Wall Street Wisdom). 

However, we want you to see the stock market for what it really is so that you can make financially informed decisions for yourself. 

Therefore,  we’d like to present you with a FREE copy of our eBook, Exposed,” which not only exposes the Wall Street myths, but also shows you how you can skip Wall Street altogether and take control of your wealth.

Our Team

Tony Brayboy

Our Clients

We’ve seen way too many people fall victim to the conventional, Wall Street approach to retirement.

Therefore, we work with those who are ready to break free from the crowd and change their perspective on creating a financially sound retirement. We like to call them “Financial Renegades.”

Because It’s not about who you are or what you do. It’s about your Financial Mindset.

Our Clients Tend To:

They prefer to make their own financial decisions, not leave the fate of their wealth up to managers, employers, the government or the market.

Instead of locking away their wealth until retirement, they want to be able to use the money they’ve accumulated toward investing, growing a business or developing additional income.

They question the direction the crowd is marching, and suspect that Wall Street brokers and the big banks are ultimately serving their own best interests, not those of their clients.

They value wealth and abundance in all areas of life, viewing their finances as a tool to support their passions, relationships, health and other treasures.

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