The Retirement Income Process

Providing clarity, balance, and focus outside the traditional Wall Street approach to building wealth.

For over 100 years, people have been making the same mistake of chasing returns and looking for magical financial products that will make them wealthy. Unfortunately, this conventional way of thinking has led many to vast, sometimes unrecoverable losses.

At Matrix Wealth Management, we are here to change all of that. Begin using the time-tested strategies you need to enhance your retirement

Build a Wall of Protection

The process of building wealth needs both an offense and a defense; the most important, by far, being the defense. However, too many people spend their financial lives focusing on the offensive aspect (accumulation) while leaving their assets completely defenseless.

What happens to your wealth when you encounter a financial disaster, law suit, or premature death? Those assets you’ve worked so hard to acquire can quickly disappear if they’re not protected properly, leaving you or your loved ones with no sense of security.

We want to help you avoid anything that can have a negative effect on your financial future. That’s why the most important component of our wealth management philosophy is helping you to build a wall of protection around yourself and your loved ones that is virtually impenetrable.

Build Liquidity

Cash is King and cash flow is Queen. Once we’ve helped you protect your existing wealth, we will help you create a reserve of liquid assets. These are assets you can easily access in an emergency without incurring tax penalties or jeopardizing your wall of protection.

Having liquidity helps you deal with unexpected costs without risking your wealth and allows you to take advantage of opportunities that require immediate action. In fact, having liquidity may even allow you to purchase assets for pennies on the dollar.

Create Income Streams

More money equals more wealth. It may seem obvious, but many so-called financial advisors ignore the importance of having reliable income streams.

Having guaranteed, predictable income to cover your basic necessities helps to protect you against economic downturns while increasing your cash flow and long-term assets.

Thus, at this stage in the process, we focus on helping you to create multiple, guaranteed, predictable income streams.

Pursue Low-Risk Growth

Warren Buffet famously has two rules that he lives by: “Rule #1: Never lose money. Rule #2: Never forget rule #1.”

At Matrix Wealth Management, we don’t believe that losses are okay just because you can make them up later. That kind of thinking will lead you on a financial and emotional roller coaster. Instead, we believe in protecting your principal as you pursue financial growth.

We’ll show you a variety of techniques that will allow you to accumulate wealth WITHOUT putting your principal at unnecessary risk.

Take advantage of the ability to maximize your retirement