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Your Valuable Team at the Helm

Tony Brayboy Photo

Tony Brayboy

President & CEO

Tony Brayboy is the founder and principal of Matrix Wealth Management, LLC, and a retired Army Officer. Tony is a graduate of Georgia Military College and he received his Master’s Degree in Administration from Central Michigan University. He is the author of Exposed "The Great Retirement Hoax  and co-author of Exiting The Matrix: How Conventional Wisdom is Ruining Your Financial Future.  Tony has over 20 years of experience.

Tony works with retirees and those who are about retire, to address their financial uncertainties regarding retirement planning.  Tony’s primary goal is help his clients create sustainable tax efficient income in their retirement years. He believes it is most important for his clients to protect the assets they have worked so hard to save and setup a guaranteed income structure for them during their retirement years.  Tony also educates his clients how to leave tax-efficient legacy to future generations without depriving them of their current lifestyle.

Tony’s experience with retirement readiness, estate planning, pension maximization and more, brings something special with it: no financial jargon that is difficult to understand.  He enjoys explaining complex strategies in an easy to understand format.

Over the years, Tony has been the featured speaker at numerous financial planning workshops, organizational functions, and seminars. He enjoys keeping his clients and the public informed on the latest financial and tax law changes that affect both retirees and members of the current workforce

Joe Reeves and Ashley Quade Photo

Joe Reeves and Ashley Quade

Account and Office Manager

Team Matrix is here to provide the account and administrative management support for all of their clients.  Contact us today to setup an appointment and let's get started on maximizing your retirement income stream utilizing our alternative financial strategies